High-Visibility Philanthropy: Megadonor Archetypes and the Future of Giving

High net worth individuals are growing in number and are increasingly in the public eye. The philanthropic wealthy are making a transformation, sometimes in surprising ways. What might all donors see in the examples set by these high-profile donors? Lipman Hearne analyzed the first-person statements of 150+ billionaire households taking part in the Giving Pledge since 2010. We'll share our takeaways, including profiles of five Megadonor Archetypes, each telling the world a particular story about themselves through their philanthropy, and each modeling a particular decision-making style and mode of engagement.

Colleen O’Grady, Philanthropic Strategist, Lipman Hearne
Sara Stern, Executive Vice President, Lipman Hearne


Recorded 10/01/2018
Recorded 10/01/2018